2 Years of Sessions?

Brave adventurers arrive in <s>Calradia</s> a tumultuous environment. <s>Sea Raiders</s> I mean some bandit jerks are there. Later, the party just decides to start living in a haunted dwarven ruin in the mountains … why not? <s>Arnold Schwarzenegger</s> Bjornir, a warrior from Njordheim, becomes the group's bestest buddy. Gnorm the Gnome sells explosive armor polish. Some witch lady gets half of Rodolfo's developing wizard circle. Other things happen. I dunno man.

Now we're fighting <s>James Earl Jones</s> <s>Father Set</s> <s>Thoth Amon</s> some Snake Dudes who wanna kill people and turn everyone else into Snakes or something. Also, there's some sort of wild planar magic junk happening. Hopefully the party doesn't die horribly forever.



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